MLA Citation

Throughout every paper that we have written in high school or now we have always had to cite our sources. To be able to properly master the outcome of the MLA citation part of this learning outcome for the ENG 123 course you have to be able to cite. Not[…]

Global revision plan

Global revision for me is going to include the moving of some paragraphs and sentences. Paragraphs will be moved to better flow. There are a few holes in my paper as well as a few rough transition phrases and sentences. A few of my paragrphs may be deleted and re-written.[…]

First newcomer discourse

– Figure out a few Discourse’s you are apart of and talk about how you got into the Discourse and what problems you ran into. Cheerleading: Cheerleading was my favorite discourse that I managed to get into. There were several problems or troubles that I had but it was nothing[…]


Engagement in class is, showing up and particiapating is a huge part of it. Whether it be offering ideas and thoughts when called on or volunteering yourself for the help asked. It is easier for me now then it was when the class started in August. It is nice to[…]